Flamboyant Foliage

by writesalone

We just spent an hour waiting in the bone chilling fog for a bus that never came. So a group of us walked five blocks to the next corner where we had a choice of like four and in few minutes one came. Now I’ve got to somehow pull a blog together just because I’m determined to write something, anything. Earlier today I was walking my dog and grooving to the flamboyant foliage that is Fall. All those yellows, reds, oranges, purples, really sent me into this state of bliss. I love autumn. One thing I miss from this time of year is when we were allowed to build bonfires back in the 70’s to burn all the leaves and garden debris. The back lane became like a campground. Everyone was out standing around their fires talking, laughing, poking sticks in, and all day us kids would run up and down the lane visiting and helping people. Some adults would get silly on a little beer, but mostly it was this great feeling of preparing your yard for the winter months. It meant winter would be here soon and fire was what you needed in the coming months. I loved the smell of smoke and at school the faint smell of the bonfires would linger on our hair and clothes. I know it was banned due to air quality concerns and that was a good idea. I’m not going to start one of laments about the “good,old days”, because I don’t think that’s true. I’m just remembering a ritual the whole neighbourhood did each year and probably nobody thinks twice about it anymore. I’ll tell you tonight I would have loved a big, roaring fire to huddle around as we waited for the bus.